Last year marked the first year in over twenty five years in which loose diamonds outsold diamond engagement rings, and other types of diamond jewelry. Major jewelry dealers have taken notice of the new, heightened demand for loose stones and have subsequently begun stocking their shops with more loose diamonds to meet the demand. There is a lot of speculation as to why loose diamonds are selling so fats these days, and so in this article we examine a few of the reasons for the spike in loose diamond sales.

The first reason why loose stones are so popular today can be attributed to the fact that people have started to buy diamonds as part of their savings portfolio. For a long time gold has been the most popular item for investors to buy in order to diversify their non-cash saving portfolios, but as recent years have shown gold to be susceptible to big drops in value, many people have turned to loose diamonds for a source of reliable asserts for savings. In fact, diamonds are among the only precious stones which have not been greatly affected by swings in other areas of the economic market. In 2007, right after the start of the housing crisis in the USA, the price of gold took a nosedive which left gold investors feeling very vulnerable, many of which decided to make the switch to diamonds. Large diamond sellers such as, www.thediamondreserve.com, which previously only sold diamonds for the purpose of jewelry, have begun to see a large portion of their annual sales go to the sale of diamonds for investors. In fact, most major investment firms have started recommending that any of their clients who are able to purchase diamonds, do so as soon as they can, as many people from the financial area have predicted that the price of diamonds will be on the rise in the coming years. The fact that there are so many political issues in parts of the world which supply the market with diamonds, only makes it more likely that the precious stones will go up I value very soon.

Apart from people looking to diversify their savings, loose diamonds are also in high demand today because of the fact that lots of folks are taking advantage of the strong diamond sellers’ market to unload some of their old diamonds. As the price of diamonds goes up, and the number of people buying diamond products also continues to rise, there are an increasing number of people deciding to sell off their diamonds. All over the country agencies have started popping up which do nothing but buy diamonds from independent owners and sell them to jewelry shops. In fact, the majority of diamonds which were sold in the last five years were diamonds which had been bought off private owners and resold in jewelry, or as loose diamonds for people that are looking to create their own custom rings and bracelets. Anyone out there who has diamonds which they don’t use should look into the options for selling today, as they could stand to make loads of cash.

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