Denver was just named the fittest city in the United States by the national health institution, something which has given the people of the Mile High city a great sense of pride. Denver has been known as a city with excellent standards of personal fitness for a long time, as the people of Denver are famous for their rigorous outdoor activity, and their obsession with healthy eating. There is however, another and equally important reason why Denver is a city in such great shape and that this there many excellent gyms. Denver has, per capita, the highest number of gyms in the country, and that number has been steadily increasing over the last few years. Denver gyms are plentiful, as well as excellent in quality. In this article we will explore the qualities which make Denver gyms so much better than gyms found in other cities across the country.

We would be foolish not to begin this list with the fact that Denver Gyms are famous for their amazing trainers. The state of Colorado is unique in the fact that it requires people working in gyms to hold special certifications that only the state can issue. Colorado sees gyms as a vital part of their state’s health, meaning gym workers have to represent a standard of excellence that goes beyond the average gym experience. Local gyms such as, www.matrixfitnessandspa.com go even further than the law requires, actually training their gym workers through workshops that the gym pays for their workers to attend. The people that work in Denver gyms are highly qualified in the area of personal fitness and possess a depth of knowledge about proper training methods which are far beyond what trainers in other areas can offer. People that work out in Denver gyms can be sure that their trainers not only know how to lead them to a better body through safe and effective workouts, they also are able to guide them on which diets they should follow in order to complement their workout routines. Amazing personal training in Denver is the biggest reason why the Denver gyms are the best in the country today.

Yet another reason why Denver gyms have such a high level of excellence is the amazing equipment they use. Denver is not just a fitness center because the people in the city are so healthy, it is also a city which has been at the forefront of the development of the best exercise equipment that we have today. Around one third of the new exercise equipment sold in this country in 2016 came from Denver based companies. There are several large agencies based out of Denver that devote a ton of money and time towards the progression of exercise equipment which they use to make their products more effective and safer for use. The local Denver equipment manufacturers also offer reduced prices for local gyms that buy their products, as high standards of equipment in the local community are a source of pride for people in Denver.


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