Vaporizer Tanks are a vital component of vape pens

Vaporizer cartridges are arguably the most important component of a standard vape pen. They are the center that houses your product that you want vaporized, and they also house the coil that is used to heat up your e-juice in order to create the water vapor that you inhale and exhale.  Many vape pens are sold with cartridges that are refillable, but some of them are one time use pens that just be recycled once they are empty. Let’s take a closer look at how the vape cartridges work, as well as the other important parts of the vape pen or e-cigarette.

Vape pens have 4 main components that all work together to produce water vapor. As we mentioned above, the vape tank or cartridge is probably the most important, but the pen still needs all four in order to work effectively. Those part are the vape tank or cartridge, the atomizer, the sensors and software, and the battery.

  1. The Tank. The vape pen has a section called the tank or cartridge. These are two name for a part that is essentially the same, but it is a tank when it can be refilled once it is empty and it is a cartridge if it is a one time use part.
  2. The Atomizer. The atomizer is the part of the pen that holds the heating coil against the tank. The coil when activated will rapidly heat up and heat the liquid in the vape pen to 300 to 450 degrees. This is the temperature that cannabis needs to reach in order to start releasing the cannabinoids into the air. These tiny droplets are what is inhaled in the vapor that is released from the pen. Sometimes the atomizer or the coil is considered part of the main cartridge or tank if someone is shopping for replacement parts for a vape pen, and sometimes it can be purchased or replaced separately.
  3. The Sensors and Software. Once you have your product and you have your heating method, you need a way to signal the pen to start heating the coil and turning the liquid into vapor. Many pens will have an easy power button that you hold down while you inhale on the pen. Other pen may just have sensors in place that signal the atomizer to switch on when a person starts inhaling on the vape pen. There are even some more sophisticated vape pens that will have a sensor that flashes when a complete round of heating and inhaling has taken place, which is estimated at a typical dose of 10 mg of THC. You would never want to use a vape pen with broken sensors as that could prove to be dangerous. If you have a vape pen that will not turn off on it’s own, then you will want to remove the battery immediately.
  4. The Battery. The battery is what powers the atomizer and the sensors, so it is also a vital component to a typical vape pen. Most vape batteries are rechargeable so you do not have to keep buying new ones.
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