While there are many people who dream of growing up to be a professional photographer, there are few who can actually make it. Today, the professional photography scene is even more difficult to make a living in because of the widespread popularity of digital cameras which allow almost anyone to take high quality pictures. Even those photographers that end up being able to make a living might have long stretches in which they don’t have work. There is however, one two of photographer today that is never short on jobs; the product photographer. Below we will highlight the three most pertinent reasons why product photographers always have work. Photo students who have not yet decided what area of photography they would like to work in might use this information to help guide them to a solid career choice.

The first reason why product photography is always needed is because companies have to keep a photo record of all the new products they release in order for insurance purpose. Most NYC product photographers, such as, receive thousands of jobs each year by large companies that need to have new products photographed before they can be launched onto the market. Since there are always new products coming out, product photographers have an almost never ending stream of work from this single source.

Since the majority of products being sold today are sold over the web, the need for a product photographer is higher than ever before. In the past a shop owner might have used his or her own family camera to snap shots of products that they could put up in their shops, but today the online stores need serious professional photography if items are going to sell online. A product photographer doesn’t just take pictures of products, he also edits them for an online use and he may even be the one that creates the client’s webpage. Last year a NYC photographer gave an interview in a popular photography magazine in which he talked about how he made the transition from fashion photography to product photography in order to make more money. The photographer stated that as a high-end fashion photographer he was making good money, and felt he was at the top of his game, but when he started to take on some side work as a product photographer he found out quickly that was where the real money was. There is a lot of publicity lately that is drawing many professional photographers to product photography.

Lastly, in the country’s major cities the product photographer has a ton of potential work for making photos for billboards. Billboard photography is in fact one of the highest paid types of photography in the country today. In NYC a product photographer might make enough money to live for a year with just a few billboard jobs. In densely populated areas the billboard is still the number one form of advertising, so the photos made for the products have to be perfect down to the last detail. Any product photographer that finds a few clients with billboards will not have to worry about work for a long while.


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