Process in Building a Truck Bed Drawer

These days truck bed drawers or Truck Bed Organizers are becoming more and more popular among truck owners. Having a truck bed drawer is a great way to carry a lot of stuff in the back of your truck without worrying about the stuff moving around and getting in a mess. This is very helpful if you carry around a number of tools but you just can’t seem to keep it organized when travelling around. If you want, you can build your own truck bed drawer. Here are the materials that you will need:

Truck Bed Organizer

bed extender

  • ¾ inch plywood
  • Tape measure
  • Nail gun and pin nails
  • Air compressor
  • Silicone sealant (weather proof) and epoxy
  • 36 inch clamps
  • Locking hasps and piano hinge
  • Lifting handles
  • Framing square

Once you have the needed materials you can now move on to the building process:

1.) Measuring – The very first step to building an organizer and drawers for your truck bed you will first need to take down the measurements of your truck bed to make sure that what you build will properly fit at the back of your truck. Also take into account the tools or supplies you will put in the drawers and organizer.

2.) Cut the wood – Once you have already taken down the dimensions and thought about the entire design of the truck bed organizer, you can then proceed to cutting out the frame from the wood. ¾ inch construction grade plywood is a good choice but if you want your Truck Bed Organizer to be more resistant to weather get marine grade.

3.) Assemble the frame – After cutting out the wood, preassemble the frame of your organizer and drawers. Basically it should look like a rectangular box that will fit at the back of your truck. When you are sure that the frame is good to go, you can then move on to making the dividers and drawers that will go inside it.

4.) Secure everything – Now it is time for you to really secure all of the parts together using some epoxy and other materials. Mix the epoxy mixture and apply it to both surfaces that will need to be stuck together. Make sure you use a clamp to keep it secure while the epoxy is drying. To make things even more secure, use your nail gun and nails on the joints.

5.) Weatherproofing – To make your truck bed organizer more resistant to the weather, apply the weather-proof sealant around the joints of the organizer. You can also apply some fiberglass cloth on the outside surface of the truck bed organizer. For inside protection, you can use thin coats of varnish.

6.) Attaching the top – When you are finished with constructing the inside of the Truck Bed Organizer, now you can move on to attaching the top. Cut a piece of wood that will match the organizer and secure it to the box with a piano hinge at the back. Also attach a shackle and lock organizer’s front.


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