Neurosurgeons can help treat many different conditions

If you think about the field of neurosurgery, then you may think that it only contains surgeries that have to do with the nervous system. That is partly correct. However, neurosurgeons do much more than perform neurosurgeries. In fact, neurosurgeries are the last resort of treatment after any other methods have been tried and tested. A neurosurgeon is a medical specialist who works to prevent, diagnose and treat any conditions that are affecting the nervous system. These can include problems or conditions that deal with the brain, spinal cord, back, and peripheral nerves. neurosurgeon

If you are looking for a neurosurgeon, then you may want to consider all of the offerings of a neurosurgeon and what types of conditions that they are able to treat. Listed here are several of the many conditions that can be treated by a neurosurgeon:

  1. Sports related brain and spine injuries. These are injuries that are found in athletes. Some of the types of sports related injuries that can be helped by a neurosurgeon include spondylolysis, which is a common cause of back pain in athletes. Neurosurgeons can also diagnose and treat other types of injuries as well including Juvenile Kyphosis, which is another condition that is common in younger athletes.
  2. Back conditions. There are many different types of back conditions that can be treated by neurosurgeons. These include lower back conditions such as degenerative disc disease and lower back pain. If you are dealing with sciatica, then you can also work with a neurosurgeon in order to find the right types of treatment for your sciatica pain as well, including sciatica surgery. A lumbar herniated disc is another condition that can be treated by the right neurosurgeon.
  3. Neck conditions. If you have a neck condition, then you will need to see a neurosurgeon or a neurologist in order to have your condition treated and assessed. Conditions that are affecting the neck that can be treated by a neurosurgeon include degenerative conditions such as cervical disc degeneration and a herniated disc. Other types of neck conditions that can be treated by a neurologist include conservative neck care, inserting a cervical artificial disc, athletic driven care, spinal cord and nerve monitoring and more.
  4. Brain conditions. There are many different types of brain conditions that a neurosurgeon can help you with. Some of the brain conditions that can be helped by a neurosurgeon include cerebrovascular disease and stroke. A stroke is the leading cause of long term disability and nearly 700,000 people suffer from a stroke each year in the United States. A neurosurgeon can help with the evaluation of stroke symptoms as well as any cerebral abnormalities that may lead to a stroke in the future.
  5. Tumors. Neurosurgeons can also treat any tumors that are affecting the nervous system. These can be either benign tumors or malignant tumors.

If you have any of these conditions or any other types of conditions that affect the nervous system, then you will want to consider the right forms of treatments for them by consulting with a neurosurgeon. You can start by reaching out to the experts over at

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