Cataracts are a serious problem which affects nearly ten million people in this country each year. In fact, many studies suggest that there are thousands of people who are living with cataracts who have simply not been diagnosed because they don’t get the regular medical checkups which they should. Finding ways to expand programs that educate people about cataracts and how they can detect them has been a major issue for eye healthcare professionals over the last ten years. There are several private and government funded programs which have been stepping up efforts to get people in to see their eye doctor, and try and catch cataracts before cataract surgery becomes more difficult to carryout successfully. Here we will explore some of the ways that the issue of cataract education is being undertaken today.

Education is probably the most effective means for cutting down on the risk of people’s eye sight being ruined by cataracts. Anyone who visits a cataract website such as,, will find that eye care centers fill their sites with information about cataracts. In fact, there are hundreds of websites which are designed solely for the purpose of educating people about cataracts and other eye health issues. The internet has helped inform countless people about different eye problems, but other channels are needed to reach all people, as the group most commonly affected by cataracts is the elderly, and they use the internet far less than younger people do.

Eye health associations have also started publishing material on cataracts which they disperse through eye clinics all over the country. The next time you walk into an eye clinic you might notice that there are pamphlets on all sorts of eye conditions, including cataracts treatment.  Eye care professionals recognize the importance of spreading information on cataract treatment through a number of different platforms in order to reach a wider base of people. The efforts taken through published materials that are sent out to optometrists have been very successful so far, and more people have been diagnosed with cataracts so far this year than any other year on record. More people getting diagnosed means that more people are getting help for their problem before it becomes serious.

Apart from the efforts being taken to educate people, cataract surgery is also becoming more accessible thanks to the fact that cataract treatment is far less costly than it was in the past. In fact, until the late 90’s, most insurance companies didn’t even offer coverage for cataract treatment, and that caused millions of people to have to go on untreated who could have easily taken care of the simple problem. People from the eye care industry have done a great deal to bring recognition to the fact that cataract operations are not a luxury, but rather an essential part of American healthcare. Today, cataract treatment is a standard part of almost all medical insurance packages, and even in cases when people don’t have their own insurance, there are state funded groups that can provide patients with assistance to pay for a wide range of different eye treatments.

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