Make sure your bar is always socked with Moscow Mule Mugs

When it comes to the tradition of our food and drinks, a number of the things that we do we do and are not really sure why, others we maybe have a reason but it’s been passed down year after year and by now it is just a tradition. When it comes to bar culture, there is a mix of the two plus a lot of really good reasons to do what we do thrown in there. You may not know why a martini is served in a martini glass or why a Moscow Mule is always served in a copper mug but if you look back at it, there is normally a good reason that we made these switch overs.

When it comes to the copper mugs of Moscow Mules, there are a few reasons that there was the popular switch over to the distinctive solid copper mugs. There are a number of people who say that the copper adds a particular taste value but that is a fairly subjective point. We can talk more about those taste profiles later but first I want to start off with the bigger and more relative measures for why Moscow Mules are better in solid copper mugs.

First of all, copper is a fantastic insulating metal and so when you put any kind of cold liquid in your copper mug, the mug is going to hit the same temperature of your drink very quickly and then continue to insulate your drink to that same temperature. This means that with the copper mugs, your drink is going to stay a lot cooler for a lot longer. Since the copper mugs also have a handle, they keep your hand from transferring over your warm body heat on your hand, keeping your drink even fresher. While cold drinks are almost always an important factor no matter what it is that you are drinking, since the Moscow Mule is known for being so fresh tasting and refreshing, making sure that it is super crisp and fresh is particularly important for the Moscow Mules. Have you ever tried warm Moscow Mules, its not anywhere near as good, don’t even bother trying it. The last big reason that we can say for sure that a Moscow Mule is better in a copper mug than in any other kind of a glass is that the copper is said to oxidize slightly when it comes into contact with the copper mug, giving the drink even more effervescence and bubble. Since the bubble of the ginger ale is a big part of the drink, being able to pump it up an extra notch is a great add on.

Even though it’s not always great as a bar owner to have to spend money on another kind of glasses, once you buy your copper mugs from Custom Copper Mugs, you will see why true Moscow Mule fans will say that a true fan will only ever drink one in a solid copper mug.

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