It’s easy to understand why window treatments are so common.

http://www.lorijilldesigns.comThere are some things that humans do that don’t make a ton of sense when you really stop to think about them, but installing window treatments in their home isn’t one of them. In case you’re not overly familiar with the term, a window treatment is simply any product that goes on, around, under, or over a window. Window blinds, shutters, shades, and drapes are all examples of window treatments, and nearly every window you’ve ever seen has one. It’s quite rare to come across a window that doesn’t have a window treatment, and sometimes such windows can look quite odd to passersby.

You may have wondered to yourself before, “Why do people install window treatments?” Once you examine the answer to that question more closely, it’s not hard to see why they’re so common. For starters, most people like to feel like what they’re doing in their home is private and not being shared with the rest of your neighborhood or, thanks to the Internet, the world. If you just had blank windows with nothing going over them all throughout your home, then people would be able to see in whenever they wanted and check out what was going on. However, by installing a set of window blinds that you can close and open whenever you’d like, you’re able to enhance your privacy whenever you feel it necessary. Humans are social creatures, but sharing the inner goings on in our homes isn’t something most people are interested in.

The second reason why people install window treatments like Hunter Douglas shades is because of the way they make their home look. Sometimes, having a window without any window treatments can give the home a clean and modern look, but that’s only true for very particular properties. For most homes, window treatments add to the aesthetic of the room. If you have a room with white walls and green furniture, sometimes buying and installing green window shades can make the entire room pop and can draw attention to the colors. In other homes with great hardwood flooring, installing wooden window treatments can really give the room a clean and aesthetically pleasing look. The point here is that people like to decorate their spaces and their homes, and window treatments give them an easy way to do that.

There are loads of other reasons why the vast majority of homeowners install window treatments in their home, but these are really the main two. People like their privacy and they like living in a space that looks great, thus they almost always put up window treatments in each room of their home. If all this talk about window treatments has got you thinking that it’s about time for you to install new ones in your own home, stop by Lori Jill Designs today. They’ve got an incredible variety of products for you to choose from, and their friendly and knowledgeable owners are always ready to offer their expertise to customers looking for it. If you want to enhance privacy while also making your home look great, check them out today.

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