Hormone replacement therapy is not only meant to treat menopausal women

Everyday people make the common but incorrect assumption that hormone levels are only important for “lady” processes in the body.  Hormones are vital to daily body functioning in both men and women.  An even lesser known fact is that hormone levels fluctuate in men throughout the month just as much as they do in women.  We obviously pay more attention to the changes in women because it has so much to do with childbearing.  But, men and women can be prone to serious health effects from hormonal imbalances where supplements can really help.  With age and body changes, hormone levels can drop and create some medical problems especially among women.  When certain levels drop, women can be more susceptible to osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, stroke, or even Alzheimer’s disease.  One way to combat these irregularities is to start on a hormone replacement therapy.  When started very early on during menopause or perimenopause, symptoms can be reduced significantly.  Hormone replacement therapy can simply fill the holes in your metabolism where otherwise usually-present hormones would be doing the job.  They can protect earlier against those conditions listed above, and can also lessen the effects of an imbalance on normal body functioning.

Hormones are relevant to virtually every process within the body in any given day, so an imbalance can be pretty severe.  They can cause a person’s weight to fluctuate significantly and very quickly when not regulated.  A medical weight loss clinic can help medical weight loss clinicwith this sort of imbalance.  Medical professionals are trained to determine which body functions are normal and which ones are out or regulation due to something like a hormone imbalance.  Many women are successfully treated for menopause symptoms with a customized hormone replacement therapy.  Although it is impossible to avoid menopause, we can lessen the severity of symptoms with replacements and that can make all the difference.  Some symptoms can be devastating to daily life.  Common menopause symptoms include fatigue, anxiety, migraines, night sweats, osteoporosis, insomnia, depression, weight gain, brain fog, loss of libido, and migraines.  When each person is approached as being a unique combination of hormones, the therapy is more in line with that is missing and will treat effectively.

Did you know that most women spend almost a half of their lives in post menopause?  We often don’t see the glass half full in this way, but a third to a half is quite a large portion of a lifetime.  This includes perimenopause, which can start in woman’s mid 40s and last for decades.  Perimenopause is the beginning of menopause where symptoms are jumbled with premenopause.  These could include irregular periods, heavy periods, ovarian cysts, intense cramping, decreased libido, fibroids, depression, panic attacks, weight gain and more.  Oh the joys of being a woman.  Luckily hormone replacement therapy can cause these symptoms to be very mild so that life doesn’t have to stop just because your body is changing.  Visit a medical weight loss clinic to see how therapy can make life easier and also allow you to stop all the weight fluctuation.

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