Window covering makers have started to really change the way they operate in recent years, as the home design industry has undergone a number of important changes recently. The idea of mass producing window coverings for thousands of people is slowly being replaced by a more custom approach to making window treatments. Major window covering dealers such as,, which in the past sold only the largest brand names, are now refocusing their sales on items produced on a much smaller scale. Thousands of small window covering makers have started producing small batch, custom window covering which are growing in popularity all over the country. In this article we will explore the growing world of custom window treatments.

While we are all used seeing home designer programs on the TV, it is important to remember that ten years ago those shows didn’t yet exist. The whole culture of home design as a means for entertainment is something which is relatively new in this country. The fact that millions of Americans tune in each week to shows which talk about home design and decoration has caused the modern consumer to be more fashion savvy. People see things like custom shutters being used in amazing new homes on their favorite design shows, and they want window coverings like those for their own homes. The problem is that the majority of professional window covering designers don’t work for the large window treatment makers, they create and produce their own designs as needed. The rise in the demand for these highly individual ad custom window coverings which are seen by people on the TV shows has caused thousands of designers to open their own custom window covering shops. The trends which the TV has created may be the primary reason why custom window coverings are in such high demand today.

The cost of the machinery which is used to manufacturer window coverings has also gone down a great deal, something which has made it easier for more people to open their own small shops. The kind of equipment used to make high quality window coverings was something which until very recently was not something that people could afford on their own. Designers with big ideas about window coverings had to go through the large window coverings makers in order to have their ideas turn into actual window coverings. Now, the majority of the machines used o produce window coverings are something which small business owners can afford to buy. Totally independent buyers can even rent time in workshops which cater to designers that are working on their own. There are even online companies which allow people to send their window covering designs in, and they will make the window coverings for them. These sorts of companies allow anyone to be a window coverings designer, even homeowners that might not have any prior experience in the area. As the options continue to grow for people to create their very own custom window coverings, the large window treatment makers will have to come up with fresh new ideas in order to stay competitive.

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