BHO Extractors: Choosing the Best Cannabis Extraction Method

These days, there are already a variety of processes to create certain cannabis products for one to enjoy. Rather than just dry out the buds and smoke in on parchment paper, many enthusiasts have expanded their horizons and looked to different methods in order to get a high from the THC in the cannabis. BHO Extractors are probably all the rage these days among serious cannabis and marijuana enthusiasts. They allow one to really extract the oils in the cannabis using butane through the process of BHO extraction. However, other than BHO extraction, there are other ways in which the THC in cannabis can be extracted.

Closed Loop Butane Extractors

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Basically there are four different types of ways to extract cannabis. There is cannabis extraction using water, cannabis extraction using ethanol, cannabis extraction using Carbon Dioxide, and cannabis extraction using hydrocarbons or BHO extraction. Now trying to rule out which among these different extraction methods is the “best” is a little complicated. For those running a marijuana business one would think about the costs while those who are really into marijuana would think about the quality of the end result. For a good idea of which extraction method would be the “best” let’s take a look at them.

1.) Extraction with Water – Through this process, the weed (dry or frozen) is mixed in with some ice and cold water. This mixture is then mixed to agitate it whether by hand or using a machine in a lab so that the trichome head can be broken off. After which the mixture is then filtered using special screens. This method is actually very easy but the resulting product isn’t that pure and lots of plant is wasted.

2.) Extraction with Hydrocarbons – Being the most common method of cannabis extraction in the world, many companies in the industry have already set up machinery to extract cannabis through this method. BHO Extractors are even sold to allow many enthusiasts to do the extracting process themselves at home. The process is dangerous considering the flammability of butane but the end result is a very concentrated oil.

3.) Extraction with Carbon Dioxide – The process of extracting cannabis using CO2 isn’t that common anymore since it has actually been considered too much of a hazard. Since CO2 leaks cannot be detected, the risk of asphyxiation is high. In addition, the process of cannabis extraction with CO2 results in a product that has low quality. The oil can be over extracted and the result can have too much wax.

4.) Extraction with Ethanol – Ethanol is used a lot when it comes to extractions due to the fact that alcohol can be used to create many edibles and flavored extractions. Despite how clean and easy to remove it is, the process tend to extract too much undesired compounds.

So which among these methods would really be considered the “best” way of extracting cannabis? Well it would have to be butane. Now despite its dangers BHO extractions can result in a product that enthusiasts can enjoy and the availability of BHO Extractors on the market has really made it rise a lot in popularity.

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