Yoga videos can be part of a healthy lifestyle change

online yoga classes

With the summer season approaching, people are particularly concerned with their “swimsuit bodies” and their confidence at the pool or beach. Because of this, people are always looking for ways to better their bodies and lifestyle through numerous different ways like diets, cleanses and new workout routines such as yoga on demand.

Juice cleanses are popular during this time of year because the new season brings about more fresh produce, which is perfect for making smoothies and juices. Smoothies and juices are a great way for people to up their vegetable intake and deliver all of the healthy vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into the body.

One of the most common diets during this time of year is cutting carbs and sugar, which can help shed some extra fat and pounds. Others also decide to cut back on sodium so they can drop some water weight and bloat. Though these things are fairly good quick fixes, it is also a good time of year to focus on a more sustainable lifestyle change in terms of diet. Examples of this are eliminating red meat, going vegetarian or going vegan. Eliminating red meat is not only good for the planet, but good for the gut and body. Some studies suggest eliminating red meat can help the skin and even contribute to long term, sustainable weight loss over time.

Vegetarians and vegans have plant based diets heavy in leafy greens, fresh produce and whole grains. These items are all heart healthy, good for the blood and help contribute to lower weight over time. Studies say that vegetarians also have lower blood pressure than those who eat diets heavy in meat. Some studies also suggest that plant based diets, particularly those heavy in raw foods, can give people more energy which can in turn, prompt a better and more beneficial fitness routine.

Fitness routines are very personal to those who do them and it is important for someone to find something they truly like to ensure they will commit to it and continue doing it. Commitment to a fitness routine contributes to long term success and real changes in the body. A good way to commit to a fitness routine is by ensuring it is accessible. One of the most accessible tools is online yoga, which can allow anyone with an internet connection to access yoga classes. Often times, when someone can work out on their own terms and schedules, without feeling like they need to pay for an expensive gym membership or commute long distances to get to a gym they like and can afford after a long day of work, they will see more success in their overall fitness routine. Those who use yoga apps feel a sense of control over their fitness and this prompts them to make ongoing lifestyle changes that affect them positively in the long term.

Lifestyle changes can be difficult, but if one makes the right choices in their diet and fitness routines, they can make long term changes that will put them on track for a longer, healthier life.

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Top 5 things to look for in a marketing agency

marketing agency

If you have a small business that seems to be growing faster than you can keep up, you may be interested in looking for a marketing agency. The fact of the matter is, small business owners often do most of the marketing, advertising and outreach work themselves, but eventually, it becomes too difficult to keep up with everything on top of all the other important tasks involved in owning and operating a company. Especially now, when so much of people’s lives are online, they require constant communication, updates and access, which a sole business owner or even one-person internal marketing person may not be able to handle alone as a business grows. If this sounds like you, you are probably wondering about hiring a marketing agency. The below list identifies some qualities that will be helpful to you as your business grows.

  1.     Good reviews- Since nearly everyone lives their life online, it should be fairly easy to find reviews for a few marketing agencies in your area. Keep in mind that most people will be prompted to write a review after a negative experience, so take things with a grain of salt. If you have another friend who owns a business, ask them about a few of the agencies you are coming across online. A recommendation from someone you trust will help lead you in the right direction.
  2.     Creativity- A creative digital marketing strategy will no doubt help you stand out. With so much competition in nearly every business industry or sector, it is increasingly important to do something different that captures a potential or existing customer’s attention. When looking for a marketing agency, take a look at the companies they have worked for in the past as well as the campaigns they have implemented. Do they seem creative and interesting? If so, they may be worth working with.
  3.     Transparent pricing- As a small business, price is important to you. You probably do not have a ton of budget, but the fact that you are at least recognizing the importance of marketing enough to put a little budget behind it should be respected by any online marketing agency you work with. Make sure they are up front about costs and that they understand and agree to whatever budget you have. When they are respectful of your budget, they can realistically set goals for what they can offer for that amount of money.
  4.     Experience in your industry- This is especially important for niche businesses because they will require a certain level of understanding in order to do a good job. Look for a marketing agency that has worked with a company or in an industry similar to yours. This will ensure they have a little background before working with you, which will save time and money in the research phase.
  5.     Good natured- It is actually very important to like the people you work with. You’ll often need to have frank conversations with them about what you like and don’t like as well as what is working versus what is not. If you do not have a good relationship with your team, these conversations can be awkward and contentious. Working with people you like will ensure you get the best ideas and performance out of everyone.
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These are the best ways to use essential oils after yoga classes

vinyasa yoga

If you take regular yoga classes, chances are you care a lot about natural solutions to health and wellness. Many yogis believe in leading a cruelty free lifestyle, minimizing their waste and doing their part to keep the planet clean and healthy. This means that they avoid animal products, processed foods, harmful cleaning products, non-recyclable items and more. Since many yoga practitioners enjoy a rather minimalist lifestyle, they have found ways to do a lot with a little. One of the most useful items in a yogi household is essential oils. These potent oils are multi-taskers and can be used for so many different things.

  • Facial oil- A bit of tea tree oil mixed with jojoba oil provides an antibacterial and clarifying boost to skin. Tea tree oil has antifungal properties and is a known natural cure for acne. Jojoba oil is hypoallergenic and provides moisture to parched skin.
  • Yoga mat mist- Rather than buying expensive yoga mat spray, yogis can make their own by combining a few drops of eucalyptus oil with distilled water. This mist will detoxify a mat while also making it smell heavenly. Yogis will often bring their own concoctions to yoga classes Houston.
  • Scented laundry detergent- Many people are particularly sensitive to highly sensitive soaps and laundry detergents. It can cause rashes and irritation, which is why many opt for detergents and soaps that are free and clear of any dyes or perfumes. The negative of this, however, is that laundry doesn’t end up with a lovely scent. To rectify this one can simply mix a few drops of the essential oils of their choice into the unscented detergent for a scent boost without the allergic reaction.
  • Upset stomach- Sometimes after particularly difficult vinyasa yoga classes, yogis can feel a little over exerted or sick to their stomachs. A good way to cure that is by rubbing a little peppermint oil onto the stomach. The oil gives a cooling sensation and quickly cures anyone of an upset stomach.
  • Dandruff cure- For anyone with dandruff or a dry scalp, essential oils are a great cure that don’t require getting highly medicated shampoos and conditioners that are bad for the environment and the water system. Simply drove a few drops of tea tree oil into regular cruelty free and environmentally friendly shampoo and hair will be flake free in no time.
  • Aromatherapy- For yogis who want their homes to smell good, an essential oil diffuser is a great investment. It combines water and essential oil and turns it into a fine steam that disperses over a living space in whatever scent the person wants. Aromatherapy can purify the air and also affect the mood of those around, such as make them calm, relaxed or energized depending on the combination of oils used.

Essential oils, though small, are very potent. They will last a long time and can do many jobs that more expensive items can’t even do, plus they will do them in a cruelty free and environmentally friendly way, which is important to many people who practice yoga.


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Self-care is a top priority at senior assisted living facilities

senior assisted living

For many people as they age, the thought of living in an “old folks” or “retirement” home seems a little scary. Fear and uncertainty can increase even more for places like senior assisted living facilities or places that have a reputation for housing seniors with lowered ability to go about their daily lives without aid. Though it can be absolutely frightening to imagine a time when one would need help to do the daily activities they take for granted, it is also helpful to know that many of these facilities genuinely prioritize the health, happiness and self-care for their residents. For example, facilities often bring in hairstylists and barbers to cut and style hair and keep residents looking their best. For female residents who were used to frequent salon trips and perfectly coiffed hair, they do not have to give this up. In fact, many of the stylists perform services at no cost to the residents, making looking good extremely inexpensive.

In addition, many memory care assisted living facilities have manicurists and nail technicians come in too. Similar to hair care and styling, these services are generally offered at no expense to residents, but offers a nice way for women to enjoy a lovely manicure with a pretty polish and people of all genders to enjoy a hand massage, paraffin dip or general nail cleaning and maintenance. The reality is, so many people feel much better, happier and healthier when they look their best, so having their hair and nails done can truly go a long way in making residents feel like their old selves again.

Another popular form of self-care at senior living facilities is art. Art is encouraged and taught through many different mediums like markers, crayons, colored pencils, clay, oil paint and more. Art has been shown to be very therapeutic and many people, not just elderly people, find that it is beneficial to their overall mental health and wellness.

Games are another way to prioritize fun and self-care. Many facilities offer numerous board and card games to encourage mental sharpness and fun. It is also common for groups of residents to get together regularly to play things like gin, poker, chess or backgammon among others. Games not only provide the mind with a little bit of mental exercise, but allow residents to meet and make new friends, which contributes greatly to overall happiness and self-care.

Even though it can be scary to think about moving to an assisted living facility, there are many ways that assisted living facilities provide for their residents in positive ways. This includes fun activities like games, ways to make friends and also many opportunities to feel special and pampered. Studies suggest that when people feel important and taken care of, they are happier in the long run. This is especially important for seniors who have worked and lived long lives and deserve a bit of relaxation and pampering. The perfect senior living will provide this for them and help them to live their lives to the fullest as they enter this new stage.

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Top 3 reasons to get a new garage door

residential garage doors

When you think of the front of a house, you will realize that a very large part of the aesthetic is the garage door. A garage door is a focal point of a house and generally serves as one of the main, most commonly used access points to get in and out of the house. A garage is a feature that makes a house extremely desirable, considering many cities across the country are facing high rental rates with fewer and fewer people being able to afford to buy a house. The majority of apartments do not garages, meaning garages are highly coveted. If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a house, it is important to make sure it always looks the best it can look. This can be done many different ways including regular window cleaning and maintenance, gutter cleaning and maintenance, general landscaping like flowers, bushes and tree pruning, fresh paint when necessary, and of course, clean, well maintained garage doors. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting new garage doors.

  1. New garage doors will increase the aesthetic of your home- There is no denying that the look of a house is important. When you opt for new residential garage doors, your home will look cleaner, newer and more attractive. You may have heard the term “curb appeal” before–it is the idea that how good a house looks from someone on the curb driving or walking by–matters greatly to the general look and feel of a home. Garage doors, especially those made of wood can break down over time due to weather and they can start to splinter and look less attractive, even with a fresh coat of paint. New doors will increase the look of a home from the outside almost instantly.
  2. New garage doors will increase the value of your home- As mentioned above, curb appeal is important. Since a garage is such a large percentage of the way a house looks, it is important to keep it looking its best especially if you are considering selling. Curb appeal is one of the first things a potential buyer notices and if your home has high curb appeal, it will be able to get a higher price from a buyer, putting more money in your pocket after the sale.
  3. New garage doors will help keep your vehicle and possessions safe- The older the garage doors, the less secure whatever it is you are keeping behind them, in this case, many possessions and a car or two. Some dated overhead doors can be opened manually from the outside, meaning anyone can break in and steal what is in your garage. New garage doors are not only more durable, but many are controlled by keypads or even phones, ensuring that your possessions and family stay safe, which will give you peace of mind when you are at work or even out of town on vacation.

If you are looking to improve the look, value and safety of your house, consider investing in new garage doors, which can provide all three features to you.

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Top qualities to look for in your window installation company

window installation

Windows are an essential component of a home. Whether you are renting, buying or even building a property, the state of your windows determines much about how comfortably you will live. If windows are not installed correctly, you risk gaps that will let in condensation that can warp your windows and cause an unsightly look of water droplets trapped between window panes or a foggy kind of film. Poorly installed windows or low quality windows can also let in cold air, which can drastically increase your heating bill because the warm air will constantly be sucked out through the gaps in the window. If hot air is being sucked out and replaced by cold air, you will have to consistently run your heat, which is expensive and not energy efficient. By comparison during the summer, hot air can get into your home meaning you will need to consistently run your air conditioner to cool your home. This is also extremely costly and not environmentally friendly. In order to ensure you don’t run into costly problems like these, it important to prioritize proper window installation. These are a few things to think about when looking to hire window installation professionals.

  • Find a company that understands the weather in your area. Weather and windows go hand in hand because the type of window you put on your house needs to be able to handle multiple kinds of weather, especially if you live in a climate like Denver that can change frequently and without much warning. Windows that are durable and can regulate temperature are important. Using specialists who understand weather patterns in your area will ensure they recommend the right windows for your home.
  • Find a company that can create customized windows. Sometimes you need lighting in certain rooms of a house that are awkwardly shaped or perhaps you just have a bit of a quirky style. If this is the case, your window specialists like those at Lifetime Windows and Siding should be able to customize windows to fit your space needs or aesthetic.
  • Find a company who offers high quality windows. As mentioned before, low quality windows means you may end up spending more in repair and cleaning costs, not to mention the cost of running your heat or air conditioning at all times. A higher monthly bill can really interfere with your lifestyle and ability to live comfortably. When you work with a company you prioritizes the use of high quality products, you won’t need to worry about this.

Windows are a very important investment and you should make sure that any company you work with in regards to your windows is professional, prioritizes quality and understands the area in which they work and they common weather patterns that occur there. If you find these qualities in a company, you can feel confident that your new windows will be high quality, installed correctly and save you money in the long run. This is what makes window installation through a professional company such a good investment.

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3 popular design styles for kitchen remodels

A kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in a house and also one of the most popular to remodel. There are dozens of styles for kitchen design and while this list is not comprehensive, it can be a helpful tool to utilize when approaching a kitchen remodel.

kitchen remodeling

Modern farmhouse:
A staple style on popular kitchen renovation shows, modern farmhouse is a sought-after style to those making home additions. This style is marked by a balance between rustic and industrial, modern farmhouse décor is an update to the country cottage themes of yore. In the modern farmhouse kitchen, you’ll see grainy, reclaimed woods, iron and wire accents, large kitchen islands with basin sinks, bench seating, updated and refinished antiques and homey décor including chalkboards, large fruit bowls and breezy linens. A crisp, neutral color palette shines here, with small pops of color like faded turquoise, denim blue or muted apricot. While some of the more involved installations like sinks, islands, cabinetry and appliances can be pricey, décor is an easy place to save money. Scour local antique stores for items with a country cottage feel, then update as necessary. New paint, wood distressing, modernized knobs and iron accents are a great way to update classic antique pieces.

A favorite among minimalists, Scandinavian design is clean, streamlined and easy to maintain. Identified by a hyper-neutral color palette of white, grey, black and the occasional tones of green or brown, this style is lauded for its calm vibe. Some, however, find this style too austere or cold. Simplicity is key when designing a kitchen in this style. Lacquered white, concrete or stainless steel counter tops are favorites. Angular designs are popular for tables and chairs, particularly when they feature lightweight walnut wood accents. Minimalism should also be the approach to décor. Geometric candle holders, bare bulbs and modern light fixtures and a few succulents will go a long way in warming up the space without adding clutter.

Rustic Italian:
This classic style kitchen puts food front and center. A rustic Italian kitchen is warm and inviting with plenty of space for entertaining. Warm-toned marble or butcher block counter tops will work well here as well as appliances disguised as cabinetry to retain the friendly feel. Kitchen islands comfy enough to seat 4 on barstools are a must, since much of the socializing will stay in the kitchen. Décor here includes decorative spice arrangements, beautiful glass bottles of infused oils and large bowls of citrus and other produce. A large oven hood also works well in this kitchen for both its functionality and decorative look. Pots and pans can be hung from wrought iron fixtures as display. And don’t forget a lovely candlelight inspired chandelier or lighting fixture.

These styles are simply a starting point for kitchen remodeling. Consulting with a kitchen contractor will be helpful in determining what types of construction and updates are most feasible for certain existing kitchen layouts. Having a solid understanding of a spaces capabilities and limitations can help a great deal in determining style going forward.

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There are many benefits to choosing Hunter Douglas window treatments for your home

hunter douglas blinds

Even if you do not know a lot about home furnishings and decor, you have probably heard of Hunter Douglas blinds. The name itself has become synonymous with window treatments and with quality, both of which any homeowner can appreciate. It’s true that there are numerous brands and types of blinds available to you in this day and age, yet Hunter Douglas remains top of mind to anyone in the market for window shades. This is because they have proven time and time again to be a top of the line product with a solid warranty and excellent performance.

Some people worry about the cost of Hunter Douglas window treatments because it is true that they are generally a bit higher than other companies, but after living with their shades for a while, people often feel that the quality, durability and look is worth the price. If cost is a barrier for you, there are a few ways you can make sure you’re getting the best deal on top quality window treatments. For example, some people you know may suggest that you go to a big box construction or home goods store for your Hunter Douglas blinds. While this is an option, it is not always a good one because some of these stores have a high volume of customers and a low volume of staff, which can make you feel rushed and that you don’t have all the information you need. Instead, consider going to a local window treatment specialist. At a local window treatment store like Ivan’s Blinds & More, the employees will have a much deeper range of knowledge on the product and likely be able to answer more questions in depth. They will also have more time to help you through the process, which makes it less stressful for you. At big box stores, the employee assigned to the window treatment area of the store on the day you go may not actually have much knowledge on the subject.

Additionally, local stores are known for their superior customer service. They care about the community they serve and want to grow relationships, so chances are, they will do what they can to help you with pricing and making the most informed decision for you and your family.

Finally, when you buy a quality product, it simply lasts longer. This goes for products in many departments but is especially true for high-use products like appliances, lighting and blinds. It’s important to find products that will last you for years with little to no maintenance or repair necessary. Working with professionals who know a lot about window treatments will help you to make an informed decision. Plus, with Hunter Douglas, you’ll have numerous styles, fabrics and materials to choose from, which can really heighten the style of your space. In room decor and design, form and function are both very important and luckily Hunter Douglas allows for both of those things, helping your home to be a space you are proud of and excited to be in.

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Fresh produce delivery is great for plant based diets

organic produce deliveryAre you looking for a way to get fresh, delicious produce all year round? Are you a busy professional with little time to go to numerous grocery stores to find the quality you want? Are you a vegetarian or vegan looking for increased access to organic food? These reasons and more are why people are turning to online farmer’s markets for their produce needs.

Plant based diets are steadily increasing in popularity as American’s become more environmentally and diet conscious. Over the years, veganism and vegetarianism have become excellent options for losing weight, optimizing health, getting nutrients and contributing to the overall health of the planet. There are many more options now than ever before, helping people to successfully transition to a plant based diet. Vegetarians, though some still consume eggs and dairy, focus the majority of their food intake on vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and soy-based products such as tofu. Vegans follow similar structures, but remove any products that use eggs, dairy or honey, also known as “animal based” products. With such a large portion of these diets based on plants, access to fresh produce delivery is an easy way for vegans and vegetarians to ensure they always have their favorite ingredients on hand.

While going to farmer’s markets is an enjoyable activity, it’s not always easy to make time to go. In addition, climates with colder temperatures or defined seasons may result in fewer markets throughout the year. Grocery store produce can be very fresh, but often times those who follow plant based diets will need to visit several grocery stores on a shopping trip to get the best produce. This is where companies like Bella Bean Organics come into play. Bella Bean provides organic produce box delivery right to your door, year round! This is a great way to increase your vegetable intake while also enjoying the ease of grocery delivery.

As a way to be as environmentally responsible as possible, Bella Bean even offers delivery items such as plant-based cheeses. Additionally, their ice packs, insulation and delivery boxes are reused to further protect the environment. For vegans and vegetarians, who are on average, more concerned with environmental impact, this is a great feature of the Bella Bean business model.

If you are interested in following a more plant based diet, this is a terrific option to get you started. Social media has popularized things like “Meatless Monday” which encourages people to eat entirely vegetarian meals just once a week for their health and the health of the planet. After seeing how easy and delicious this can be, many people increase the number of days a week they eat plant-based meals. Whether you are a long time vegan or vegetarian or if you are meat eater with no interest in giving up the food you love, it is always healthy and beneficial to get more organic produce into your diet. Fresh produce combined with fast delivery makes getting more veggies in your diet both easy and enjoyable.

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