Estate Planning 101 with Wiegand

Some people are under the impression that estate planning is only for the extremely business lawyerwealthy but that is just not true.  If anyone has anything of value or importance and they wish to make sure it is taken care of once they are gone, no matter how big or small, then an estate plan is in order. The main reason that someone plans their estate is because they specifically want to leave something of importance to a specific person.  Often times that person does not even know that they were in someone else’s will or plan.  However, there are other reasons that someone might make an estate plan; it is not always leaving behind an object.  It is more than just writing out who in your family is allowed to claim your old jewelry, and how long they have to wait until they get it.

Certain issues also need to be addressed within an estate plan and they don’t have anything to do with who is receiving what necessarily.  For example, you should include in your estate plan details around your own burial or memorial service.  Having this in writing saves your family the trouble and it’s very helpful.  Do you want to be buried or cremated?  Will you have a service or just get put straight into the ground?  Where should your close family father to celebrate your life.  Along the same lines, you should identify your digital passwords and special information that your family might need to know to get access to your accounts.  Obviously that is not something that you should simply write down.  When the law office keeps it, no one else will know if exists.  The same goes for any social media account passwords, or anything that looks like it would keep going without you once you are gone.  If you want your heirs to stop your accounts then give them the ability to do so.

Another great thing to include in your estate plan is your life insurance policy, your retirement payout plan, or any other annuities of importance.  These will need to be accessed soon after your death by someone who can handle the payments and inform all who are involved.  Who better than your lawyer of course.  It makes things easier if your home and business lawyer already has copies.  Do you own real estate in more than one location or state?  If so, this is also some very important information to leave within your estate plan.  And, of course, make sure all those who are part of the reading of the will are going to be able to make it or are willing to make it.  Again, these small details are usually handled by the law team because of their delicacy and importance.  Either way, the  golden rule is if you don’t write it down it didn’t happen.  Please do not let that happen with your last will and testament, in the form of your estate plan.  With these rules followed, nothing will go wrong.

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Get your pet dental and preventative care all in one place

When people bring an animal into their lives it often becomes an extension of their own family. Pet owners do crazy things like dress their animals up in fancy clothes, spend pet dental caremore money on organic food for their animals than they do on themselves and even take their pets to day cares, training facilities and fancy groomers. To an outsider, this may seem excessive and over the top, but to the pet owner themselves, this is completely normal and it is just their way of spoiling their little friend. So it is no surprise then that when the time comes for preventative pet care, pet dental care or an animal hospital, these owners want the top choice in their area. This is the point of this article, to provide the reader with three very important factors to consider when making the decision on where to take their pets for healthcare services.

1. Let us be honest, times are tough out there on most of us. That being said, it is important to find a pet hospital that will work with you and your financial situation. Think about the worst case scenario you can envision, you are in between paychecks and short on savings and your animal finds itself with a serious need for medical attention. How would you treat this matter? Would you put it on a credit card? Look for a payment plan through the animal hospital itself? Try to borrow money from a friend or family member or hope your pet insurance covers it and is accepted by the pet preventative care facility you choose? Whatever your choice may be of how you and your family decide to move forward financially with these matters, it is wise to call the potential pet hospital facilities you are considering making your top choice, ahead of time, and learning all the facts before disaster strikes and your emotions take over.

2. Location is also one of the top things to keep in mind when choosing an animal hospital for your family. It is all well and good to find the top veterinarian in the area who has great reviews and who takes your pet insurance plan, but if they are all the way on the other side of town and your dog gets hit by a car during peak traffic hours, you are not going to want to throw the animal in your back seat and sit in traffic for an hour or more while they cry and you wait to make it to the pet hospital. Choose a location that is close to your home and learn the route there ahead of time so you are prepared when the unexpected happens.

3. Finally, check the reviews on any potential animal hospital you are considering making the top choice for your family. If you find one that will do a payment plan and is right down the street that is wonderful, but if the quality of pet preventative care or other healthcare services they provide is awful, it is all for not. Do your research.

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January is a great time to visit a medical weight loss clinic

It’s January – a time for new resolutions and commitments to turn over a new leaf.  Record numbers of Americans commit to joining a gym or meeting some sort of weight loss goal.  Gym memberships and medical weight loss clinic memberships go through the roof in the new year with people who are done eating the holiday sweet treats and want to make a change for the better.  If January marks a time for you, in particular, to make a change with your health or your weight you might not know where to begin.  A gym membership is great if you already know how to work out effectively and know your way around the equipment.  So many people waste their memberships and give up on resolutions by February because they set their sights too high.  What good is a gym membership if you don’t know how to use the equipment or don’t have time to get there several days a week?  You need to make changes and meet goals, but don’t set yourself up for failure.  For those first-timers that really want to commit to fitness and weight loss, perhaps some medical insight and guidance is the best way to go.

For that strategic medical input, a medical weight loss clinic is a better choice than a new gym membership.  Here is what you are in for during a first visit with a medical weight loss clinic.  Firstly – no judgement.  The medical team is there to help, not accuse, so leave hormone replacementyour reservations at the door and be open and honest about your abilities and expectations.  If you are telling the doctor that you expect to be doing 50 pushups a night no problem – they will know you are fooling yourself.  So be honest about where you think you can go with this weight loss, and they will push you when you need it.  The first visit will include a full medical work-up to make sure you are healthy enough to make such a drastic change.  This work-up will include vitals, a physical examination, a blood panel, medical history review, and a discussion about your current health.  When the medical team determines that you are in good enough health to make significant changes in your diet and physical activity then they will give you the green light to get started.  This medical team usually includes an Endocrinologist who will watch your organ and gland activity levels closely to make sure there is no underlying issue, such as diabetes.  Once you have worked out a plan for specific changes in your life, such as swapping out dairy for a week or limiting your carbohydrate intake to only once or twice a day, you can get started.  Diet changes in conjunction with a regular exercise plan will drop the pounds like you never thought possible.  And with the extra vitamin and other nutrient infusions you can get at the clinic, you will receive those extra boosts of energy that you need to power through the tough times.

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Have a certified Denver diamond appraiser help you with your purchase

It has been said that trying to buy a diamond without the help of a gemologist is like trying to fly a plane without a pilot; you might get lucky, but probably not.  The purchase of a diamond can be a pretty big deal on several levels.  For this reason, you want to make sure you are getting a fair price for what you have chosen.  A certified gemologist can help you buy a diamond or can help you sell diamonds that you no longer want or need.  In both situations, they will help you to get the most fair price possible.

It is actually pretty common for someone with no gem experience to walk into a diamond distributor and buy the first thing that they like.  Without any background on diamond grading and pricing, how can you know that you are getting the best value?  Do you know what GIA certification is and what that means for you?  Do you know the differences between types of gold and how that should affect price? There are so many details about jewelry that can be thrown at you when you walk into a store.  When you have consulted a gemologist first you will know exactly what to look for and what you don’t need.  A certified diamond appraiser can ensure that your purchase is legitimate and valued.  Like mentioned above, you might get lucky and find a seller that has genuine interest in your needs and will help you navigate the world of jewelry.  Or you might get lucky and just happen to buy the right stone at the right price.  But, chances are you won’t know what to look for and thus will end up with a stone that isn’t worth as much as you thought it was.  If you already purchased a stone, diamond, or other piece of jewelry and are not wondering if you were scammed or not, the best way to find out is to take it to a gem and diamond appraiser.  They will give you the straight report on your jewelry regarding how much it should have been paid for and what condition it is expected to be in.

Do you have a lot of jewelry lying around the house that you want to get appraised?  Take Denver diamondthem to a trusted name in the business, like Colorado Gem Labs.  The head gemologist has been in business for decades and expanded when the community asked him to.  He does appraisals for pieces of jewelry that will be insured mainly, so if you have a precious piece of jewelry that is not insured this would be the first step in doing so.  Or, if you just are curious about a specific keepsake that has been passed down in your family, bring it in for a look. Th jewelry will never leave your side and the gemologist will give you a great price based on what is moving around the market at the time.  So utilize your local gemologist if you can when you are making a purchase or just reviewing your net worth.

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GIA certification is vital when purchasing a loose diamond

You may have heard a jeweler or a television commercial mention the term “GIA certified” when referring to diamonds.  This sounds very official and necessary for a diamond, but do you know what it really means?  Is it that important to have a certified diamond?  What is GIA certification and what does it mean for the diamond you plan on buying?  If you have never purchased a diamond or diamond product before then you likely have no idea what this means, but you will by the end of this article.

GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America, which sets the standards for valuing diamonds and other precious stones.  When a diamond is GIA certified it means that it has been graded and a value has been determined based on a few standard criteria.  This certification is so important because diamonds are very valuable, and the determination of a particular stone’s value could be up for debate.  Buyers and sellers of diamonds could argue over the value of a stone based on what they think is best.  You can easily see where this could cause a problem quickly when a lot of money is being discussed.  The GIA is a third party independent institution that has internationally accepted standards.  It consists of professionals that conduct research and education on precious stones, which makes them most worthy of determining a diamond’s worth.  When you decide to purchase a diamond from a custom jeweler that sells only GIA certified diamonds, you can be sure that the value of those diamonds has been determined ethically and fairly.

All stones that are certified by GIA go through a rigorous investigation from the technician. loose diamondsThe four C’s are used to determine a diamond’s worth, and they stand for cut, clarity, color, and carat.  The more colorless and clear a diamond is graded as, the more expensive it is.  There are varying degrees of each of these values that come together to give each stone a unique score.  The cut of a stone should be proportional but should also be done appropriately to showcase the stone’s best features.  It is possible to cut a perfectly clear and colorless diamond in such a way to make it seem dull and cloudy.  The stones have different colors and imperfections that affect their color and clarity, and each one is unique in its own combination of features.  The carat is a unit of weight specific to precious stones and is only for mass, not size.  The heavier the stone, the higher the carat weight.  With the combination of the four C’s, a GIA certification is determined so that any buyers and sellers of that diamond base their prices on the same measurements that were done by a non-biased third party.  This is why GIA certification is so important and no stone without one should ever be considered.  But as long as you are visiting a reputable jeweler you shouldn’t even have to ask about the certifications of those beautiful stones.

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A doctor-supervised medical weight loss program is the safest way to lose the weight

More often than not, weight loss is a lifelong struggle that doesn’t just pop up over night or after you have children.  Usually the struggle is lurking under the surface for years and hormone replacementsomehow stays suppressed until a big life change lets it out in full force.  Maintaining a healthy weight with an active lifestyle is much easier said than done, especially when you have a family to take care of.  For women especially, personal health and happiness usually takes a backseat to the needs of our families.  But we should realize that the best way that we can take care of our families for years to come is to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.  You cannot be a role model for your children if you’re overweight, unhealthy, or too tired to do anything fun with them.  If you are ready to make a change for the better and start enjoying life and having some energy, then perhaps a medical weight loss plan is the right choice for you.

When you consult a doctor or physician’s assistant about your weight loss goals, they can help you come up with a plan that is safe, healthy, and most importantly, very attainable.  Those intense workout machines or weight loss pills that we see on television January seem tempting but generally don’t work.  Why should you spend two thousand dollars on a home gym if you already don’t have time to exercise now.  The presence of that fancy home gym isn’t going to magically give you more time in the day so don’t be fooled.  What you have to do to make a significant change in yourself is make a realistic plan with a health care professional that understand how a metabolism works.  A medical weight loss plan take several things into account and is tailored by the health care professional to work for you and your lifestyle.  Food is often the number one thing that needs to change in your life and it can often be the hardest thing to address.  However, in the greater scheme of things the food should be the easiest thing to maintain.  All you have to do is just start buying and eating things that don’t put on the pounds.  Stop visiting the soda aisle or the frozen foods aisle at the supermarket and spend more time in the fresh produce section.  Think about providing snacks that are wholesome rather than empty but tasty.  These are pieces of a larger medical weight loss plan that could ultimately save your life.

These food changes together with a new routine, some safe exercises, and some mental health boosts, and an overall helpful support system will be the answer to getting the weight off and keeping it off.  The combination of fitness, food, and fun will be tailored to your lifestyle, schedule, and abilities so that you are not setting yourself up for failure before you even begin.  So take back your life with a medical weight loss plan specified for you.


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Don’t let cosmetic dentistry scare you

People often use the expression that you only get one chance to make a first impression.  That being said more often than not when we meet new people it is distinct facial features dental veneersthat stand out to us in our memory.  Perhaps a person has a unique haircut or a one of a kind mole or scar.  Of course those types of things would stand out when you meet a new person, but more frequently than any of these is a person’s smile.  When you meet a new person their smile is often the primary area of focus and one of the first things you look at.  If the person has misaligned teeth or poor dental hygiene, it is very difficult to forget.  Inversely, if a stranger you encounter has immaculate sparkling white teeth, you would not be likely to forget that either.  So why do so many people neglect dental care?  Of course many people (even grown adults) are afraid of the dentist because of the drills, the needles or the vulnerable position one must maintain while getting work done.  However, this article is intended to inform readers that this is not always the case.  There are a plethora of different family dental care providers out there that take great pride in the fact that they do not hurt or frighten any of their patients.

It is important though for the clients and patients of dental care providers to know what to look for when shopping for a new oral care provider.  There are the obvious things that stick out for everyone to consider like price, location and operating hours, but there are so many other things that a person should consider when choosing a new doctor.  One of the more important things prospective patients should keep in mind when shopping for a new dentist is the feedback from references.  So many people neglect to reach out to references and are left in the end with another unfortunate experience in the dental chair.  Take the advice of this author and do not fall into this trap.  Take the time needed to reach out to a few references before scheduling your appointment at a new dentist.  Call a few people and ask them questions about their experience with the dentist you are considering for your dental implants or other dental work.  Ask the references about the family dentistry as a whole.  Was the place welcoming?  Was the staff professional and kind?  Were they timely with their care and did they treat you well while you were getting your work done?  All of these and more are very important things to be sure to ask references when you call them.  It is also a really good idea to call more than just one or two of the references.  If you and your family are really trying to find a long term family dentistry practice, you’ll want to be sure to do your research.

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Prescription eye and sunglasses can be fashionable and practical

We all know that visiting an optician once a year should be standard practice for all of us.  But life gets busy and we put our kids’ doctor visits ahead of our own at times.  We push back eye exams because we can “see perfectly fine” and don’t need new glasses.  But those are not good reasons to put off getting a regular eye exam.  Some eye conditions go unnoticed for months or years because the symptoms are subtle.  But regular checkups would prevent that from happening because the opticians know what to look for.

If you are responsible enough to get your regular eye exam, you also know that is can be daunting to attend.  The puffs of air into the eye balls aren’t exactly fun.  And those dilating prescription sunglassesdrops are uncomfortable if you ever need them.  But aside from the testing and prodding, the exam itself doesn’t hurt.  You have a nice little chat with the optician while he or she takes a look at your health and vision.  You get a new prescription if needed and you can decide if you want to get some contacts, or glasses, or both.  Our nation’s not-so-lovely health care and insurance system isn’t the best, so this part can be frustrating because it isn’t always all covered.  Many people only get the choice of either new prescription eye glasses/frames or contacts, not both.  If you are so lucky to be able to get both at the time same when your vision changes, then you get to the fun part.

Choosing new prescription eyeglasses to match your style is always something to look forward to.  There are always new trends with frames.  Some people even wear clear glass frames just for the look of the eye glasses themselves, so you might consider yourself lucky to have them anyway.  But nonetheless, choosing new frames makes the whole trip to the optician worthwhile after all.  High end fashion designers make frames, like Kate Spade of New York, Dior, and Michael Kors.  Most of us will never wear a garment designed by these people, so you might as well take up the chance to get some designer frames.  In addition to being very flattering to your face and your style, they are also built to last.  Most opticians also offer some coverage in case your toddler flushes your frames down the toilet too, so there is some reassurance that you aren’t spending hundreds of dollars on some things that will just get broken in a week.

So stop putting off going to get your annual eye exam, it’s really not that bad and you could walk out with a new form of “wearable art.”  Brand new designer prescription eyeglasses could be in your future if you’re lucky enough to have some vision insurance that cover it.  Or, you could just treat yourself to a little shopping spree as a reward for putting your health first.  Take care of those eyes and get a new fashion garment in the process.

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You can have a beautiful shared office space without breaking the bank

If you have ever wondered how you can have the big beautiful conference room for your annual business meetings without having the money to own your own space, your answer lies in a shared rented office space.  Not many businesses do have the funds for such extravagant conference seating, digital software and hardware, of the office space to handle so many employees.  Now, when a business is growing and expanding, whether out of the home or online, their office space is most commonly rented.  This is especially convenient for internet companies who don’t necessarily always need a physical office space, but might for presentations or seminars.

When you rent a coworking space from Office Evolution Greenwood Village, you can trust that the space will be everything that you need and more.  There are few options virtual officefor your business that can be tailored to your specific needs.  One is the open coworking space that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With this option, you have the control to decide when you want or need to work.  Some people are their most productive at 2am, so this availability is perfect for them.  You can enjoy the free parking and pop in whenever you are feeling creative.  This open availability is also nice when you have a surprise last-minute deadline and need space to get things done in a hurry.  Office Evolution is conveniently located right off of I-25 near Belleview Ave, which makes getting to and from the office quick and easy.  Along with this convenience comes some amenities that make the rental even more worthwhile.  You can always enjoy free hot coffee or tea, water, employee kitchen, natural light, and smoke-free environment.

If you need a space that is a bit more professional, there are 2 large conference rooms available with full internet, video, and audio hookups.  So when you make the leap from hustling from your home computer to expanding your team and pitching to a big client, you will have the large space to do so.  There are no long-term agreements with these kinds of rentals, because the owners of Office Evolution understand that your business is always changing. For that reason, you can pay month-to-month and opt out at any time.

Yet another perk of using Office Evolution Greenwood Village shared space is the free wifi that is reliable and fast.  Even with a full office of employees, the internet will not slow down or kick you off.  Also involved is access to a copy/scan/print/fax machine and a front desk staff who can answer phones and sign for packages when you’re not around.  You can even rent the virtual office aspect, which gives you constant access to the front desk to have them act as your secretary and physical address.  You would have a locked mailbox and voicemail and answering services for as long as you needed.  There are endless possibilities when using a shared office space, and it will save you money while you’re in the middle of growing your life’s dream!

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