A Home Inspection is a Good Idea.

Safety is something that every homeowner should take seriously. For whatever reason, most people think way more about physical safety, such as the threat of intrusion by burglars, than they do about health safety. That being said, hazardous substances within your home are actually far more likely to do you harm than any criminal, which is why you should be focused on the right kind of safety. One of the biggest ways you can reduce your risk of being exposed to hazardous or unhealthy materials, within your home, is to get a safety inspection. A home inspection is an opportunity to make sure that your home is not putting you at risk for health problems.

While there are a ton of different things that can be hazardous to your health, in your home, one of the ones you hear a lot of discussion about is black mold. Black mold is a dangerous species of mold that is very common, but released toxic matter into the air. Like all old, it releases spores, which are extremely toxic to those that are allergic to it. Black mold is far worse than other mold, as it is bad for everyone, but very bad for those with allergies. Black mold is something that can be removed, if it is found early enough. If it gets deep enough within the walls of your home, the cost to remove it can get very high. As with anything, it is a good idea to get the inspection soon, so you can prevent the problem from getting worse. Though black mold is visible, it is often hidden in locations that people rarely try to access, which is why a professional home inspection is so important. Any skilled Colorado home inspector will be able to tell you where the mold is located and how long it will take to get rid of it. Black mold is a major problem, and it is the bane of every property owner’s existence. Nonetheless, if you actually deal with the problem when you should, it will not be as bad.

In addition to black mold, there are other issues that home inspectors must be vigilant about. One of the most deadly and common is radon, which is a gas that is found in many buildings. While there is theoretically a safe threshold for radon, it is best to have the levels as low as possible. Radon is deadly because it is a carcinogen. Radon is a naturally occurring gas, and it is not much of a threat to you outside. The reason it becomes a problem in your home is because the gas has nowhere to escape to. This causes it to build up in people’s basements, which is often how people get exposed. Radon is highly carcinogenic, and it is actually the primary cause of lung cancer for non smokers. These are all reasons why radon testing is such a big deal. It is something you should invest in immediately, if you have not.

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