UA testing is the analysis of foreign substances in a person’s body, which is made through their urine. UA testing is widely considered the most accurate and low cost form of drug testing in the country today and its use is becoming more common each year. To give out readers an idea of just how common UA testing for drugs is, we look to a study done by the national drug testing committee last year which stated that more than fifteen million urine analysis drug tests were performed last in 2016. It should also be taken into account that many private companies do not provide information on the number of UA tests which they perform, so the actual numbers could be substantially higher. In this article we will take a look at some of the most common reasons why UA tests are given. People that would like to obtain further information on UA testing should visit an actual UA test provider’s website, like www.gulfdiagnostics.com.

The most common reason why a company today will utilize a UA testing service is in order to determine that potential people they are seeking to hire are drug free. Most of us have at one point been asked to give a urine sample when in the later stages of a job interview, something which is so common today that it would almost seem suspect if it didn’t occur. People are asked to give UA testing samples when applying for jobs ranging from Police officers, all the way to bank managers. There are two reasons why a company may request a urine test form potential employees. First, the company may be seeking to reduce their risk of theft or on job accidents due to employee drug use. The number of incidents which occur due to a worker being intoxicated on the job is staggering today, and the problem only seems to be getting worse as the growing pill addiction epidemic continues to spread. Companies will often try and minimize their risk by having lab testing done for dangerous substances, before they decide to hire a new worker. The second reason that a company may ask for a drug test from a potential hire is because their insurance company requires it. The majority of large insurance carriers today have to have records that indicate that their client’s staffs were tested for drugs before being hired. In the end, the question of avoiding potential problems which might be brought on by employees that use drugs is the root for both instances.

Another very common instance which requires drug testing is when a person is injured on the job. Anytime a worker has an onsite accident which causes injury to themselves or to other employees, a urine drug test is immediately performed. Drug testing done after an accident is aimed at making sure the incident wasn’t the result of drug use. Being able to clearly indicate that the worker involved in the accident wasn’t on drugs, helps the worker obtain all the benefits they are entitled to in a shorter time.

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